Bally Total Fitness Membership Cost: A Full Breakdown

5 minute read | Published: April 20, 2024 | Updated: May 24, 2024

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Back in 2007 Bally Total Fitness had a network of 440 facilities in 29 U.S. states, as well as in South Korea, China, Canada, and Mexico. At that time it was the largest owner and operator of fitness centers worldwide.

Unfortunately Bally Total Fitness faced financial challenges and filed for bankruptcy multiple times which led to its eventual demise. Today FAM Brands continues to leverage the iconic Bally Total Fitness name for its range of fitness equipment and clothing.

Membership Options at Bally Total Fitness

Below were the membership options and costs for Bally Total Fitness:

Annual Plan

Bally Total Fitness offered an Annual Plan known as All Access. This plan was particularly popular among former members who wanted to reactivate their memberships.

Members received full access to the club’s amenities and also received a complimentary Best Start Workout with a personal trainer and enjoyed the same bay club privileges.

Month to Month

Bally also had a Month-to-Month Membership option, although I can’t find a lot of information about this plan.

What were the Bally Total Fitness Membership Costs?

Since Bally Total Fitness has been closed for several years now, it’s difficult for me to find detailed information on their membership plans. However, they did offer a competitive annual membership plan or operating hours at most of their locations:

Annual Membership Plan

$200 – $250 per year

$0 enrollment fee

Monthly Membership Plan

$20 to $30 per month

Additionally, you could add a friend or family member fitness for only $19.99 per month.

Group Yoga

What were the Bally Total Fitness amenities?

Bally had locations in each of the top 25 metro areas across the United States, making it the only national fitness center operator at the time. Their gyms offered a variety of features, including exercise equipment, pools, aerobic programs, running tracks, and racquet courts.

Bally Total Fitness Customer Reviews

Tommy M.

Jersey City, NJ

I have been with Bally total Fitness since 1994. I didn’t start utilizing it till 1996 and I have not had a time since then that I have slacked off a few weeks or months. I have seen some progress through out the years but always felt I just wasn’t getting there sometimes. Always thought about a trainer but wasn’t sure until I met Andrzej.

I have been working with him for about 2 months now and have seen some changes in just that time that I am really happy about. He keeps it fun, changes things up every session, very knowledgeable about the body and he pushes me which is just what I need. I am most definitely sticking with him.

As far as the gym goes it is small but does not crowd up like the others do (except probably at a peak time like 5 pm).The equipment is better now then some years ago and the staff at this point is probably the best I’ve seen in a while here.

This September will mark my 20 years with Bally and yeah there has been a few issues here and there but over all I happy with them.

Josephe D.

Elmhurst, Queens, NY

I like this place quite, calm and the people are genuinely nice. Great atmosphere, and the staff is supremely helpful. The staff so was so helpful when i initially started i had no idea that there were a subscription of ballys sport vs. ballys total fitness. They let me go in that day and explained to me how i could upgrade to have access nation wide. I don’t remember the lady’s name i think veronica or Monica, but she is great!!!!! I am looking forward to some personal training classes. The machines are always available and i like the fact that it is underground because it keeps you focused on the workout and not your phone. Yes there are some creepers but overall its a decent place.

Vee T.

Manhattan, NY

I thought it was great, I got to use the 5 pound weights because there are rarely women lifting weights, I was able to work 3 hours on my biceps, triceps and deltoids. There were 2 gentlemen, I think carlos and Joe who were nice enough to tell me how I’m supposed to be doing it without hurting myself which was really nice of them, quite a nifty little gym and at $20+ a month that is so dirt cheap for a midtown regi9on, I took advantage of a 7 day pass I got at an event, it’s clean, good place for a work-out,if you’re a guy the weights section ca get crowded, but there are plnety of mirrors and space to do your own thing if you move out of the weight area.

Spin class

Thoughts on Bally Total Fitness Membership

Bally Total Fitness membership rates were cheap – if you pay for a year’s worth of membership, it would come out to just $16-$17 per month. But sadly, it dealt with a lot of issues and got involved in various lawsuits in their last 5 years of business, that it had no choice but to file for bankruptcy (twice!).

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