Retro Fitness Membership Cost: A Full Breakdown

6 minute read | Published: April 20, 2024 | Updated: May 24, 2024

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Retro Fitness offers affordable memberships for as low as $19.99. They don’t have gyms in Los Angeles, or anywhere in California for that matter. But I’ve done some research on this gym chain and I’ll reveal the Retro Fitness membership cost, benefits and other details in this post.

A Quick Background on Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness is a budget-friendly gym chain that offers an array of cardio and strength equipment, group classes, health and wellness, and personal training all designed to help you achieve your snap fitness goals. It’s been around for nearly 20 years and the term “Retro” refers to their timeless approach to fitness, exercise and health.  

Membership Options at Retro Fitness

The membership rates for Retro Fitness vary slightly depending on location. They are listed below with their corresponding price ranges:

ULTIMATE $29.99 to $39.99

The Ultimate plan offers a comprehensive package with nationwide access, including a welcome workout, unlimited guest privileges, and tanning facilities. You’ll also enjoy a wide range of amenities, such as group exercise classes, extensive strength and cardio equipment options, heavy dumbbells up to 120 lbs, and convenient locker rooms with showers.  Plus, there’s no commitment required.

CORE $26.99 to $33.99

The Core plan is designed for those ready to commit to their fitness journey. With a 12-month commitment, you gain nationwide access and receive a welcome workout to kickstart your routine. Enjoy access to over 50 pieces of strength equipment, more than 60 pieces of cardio equipment, heavy dumbbells up to 120lbs, and convenient locker rooms with showers.

FLEX $19.99 to $24.99

The Flex plan has no commitment required, you’ll enjoy access to your home club and a complimentary welcome workout to get you started.

Your monthly membership fee doesn’t cover taxes. Moreover, expect an annual fee of $49.00 to $69.00 plus tax, which will be charged 45 days after joining.

Retro Fitness membership

Retro Fitness On-going Promotions

Ultimate Membership for $0

The $0 fee to join offer expires on 5.31.24 and you can cancel anytime.

No Enrollment Fee, No Annual Fee

First responders and military personnel can enjoy their special offer with no enrollment or annual fees. Just use the promo code HERO.

Check your nearest Retro Fitness location here to know about the exact offers and deals Retro Fitness might have for you.

Can I cancel my membership with Retro Fitness?

Yes, you have three days after signing your membership agreement to cancel without any penalties. If it’s within the first year of your contract but after those initial three days, you can still cancel anytime. All you need to do is pay three months’ worth of your membership fees, or the remaining part of your 12-month membership, whichever is less.

What payment methods are available?

You have the option to make payments using either your checking account or a credit card, whichever method works for you.

Are there fitness classes available at Retro Fitness?

Retro Fitness’ group fitness classes cover a wide range of activities to suit different preferences and fitness levels. You can choose from dance and Zumba, strength and conditioning, cardio, yoga, high-intensity interval training, and martial arts.

Does Retro Fitness Offer a Free Trial?

Yes you can try Retro Fitness for free by simply filling out this form.

What are Retro Fitness Gym Hours?

Retro Fitness Operating hours vary by location but here are schedules for 3 Retro Fitness locations:

Retro Fitness Chicago Irving Park Gym Hours

Monday to Friday 5:00 AM-12:00 AM

Saturday 7:00 AM-10:00 PM

Sunday 7:00 AM-8:00 PM

Retro Fitness East Windsor, NJ Gym Hours

Monday to Friday 5:00 AM-11:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 7:00 AM-6:00 PM

Retro Fitness Deer Park, NJ Gym Hours

Monday to Friday 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Saturday and Sunday 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

What are the Retro Fitness’s amenities?

At Retro Fitness, you can enjoy a wide range of amenities depending such as:

  • Work out at over 120 locations across the country.
  • Personal training services are available.
  • Join group fitness.
  • Yoga sessions.
  • Strength training equipment.
  • High-intensity interval training and cardio exercises.
  • Strengthen your core with dedicated workouts.
  • Massage chairs.
  • Tanning facilities.
  • Bring a friend along to your workouts.
  • Smoothie Bar
  • Full Retail Shop

Please note that personal training is not included in the membership plans.

Retro Fitness Customer Reviews

John L.

New City, NY

Not a bad gym if you’re looking for something cheap, but their training services are extremely overpriced and poorly managed. There’s high turnover rate for personal trainers. Within the year since I’ve started the training program, 2 trainers have left and 1 has had their hours changed so we can no longer work together.

Retro uses a third party collections agency to handle their billing, and so if a customer is dissatisfied with the gym’s services, it is nearly impossible to break contracts without incurring serious financial penalties. Retro staff often downplay the significance of this when making sales.

Recent renovations have significantly reduced the area of the gym that can be used by normal customers. The gym has eliminated the stretching room to replace it with a private training area. They have reduced the number of machines on the floor to make room for turf space, which is dedicated to private workouts during peak hours. Some new equipment is being added, but the space has gotten very crowded making busier times feel, at best, cramped, and sometimes dangerous.

The gym’s greatest strengths are that the hours are accommodating and they provide a full range of free weights, cable machines, and other resistance machines.

Roman M.

Charleston, SC

I’ve been coming here most weekdays for about 2 months. This gym has everything you need. Great selection of free weights, there’s strength training racks, a functional fitness area, and so many machines that I’ve only tried a third of them.

The bathrooms are well kept and I always use the showers at the end of my workouts. No lines for the facilities and they have towels/shampoo/shower gel at the ready.

Come and see Mike when you arrive. He’s the best. No matter how rough im feeling in the morning, seeing his consistency reminds me I can make it. You just gotta show up

Giovanni C.

Chicagoland, IL

Really love this gym tbh, very easy to workout and seamless in my routine. They have created ample space for people to move freely.

Big props to Front desk Sashai , she is very friendly, and really makes you feel welcomed!

She Snaps on the smoothies too.

Laura D.

Annapolis, MD

I recently joined this gym and already love it. Despite the ketchup and mustard coloring of the place and most of the equipment, the equipment is all really nice with Bluetooth capability and headphone connectivity on the cardio equipment. There are also free weights, spin bikes and the room where they do floor classes are both available for your use in between classes, a smoothie bar with protein bars and similar snacks, containers of various pre- and post-workout powders for sale, and full body circuit machines. The staff are nice and very helpful. The only drawback I have found is that the open hours are shorter than I would like and there are limited classes on the weekends, but I’m hoping as they gain more membership those things will be expanded. The memberships are good, starting at $20/month so less expensive than a lot of gyms, and the location in the mall seemed weird at first but honestly it’s very convenient. I definitely recommend checking them out.

Retro Fitness weights

Retro Fitness Membership Cost in a Nutshell

Retro Fitness is definitely worth considering, especially when you factor in the price. Membership costs at Retro Fitness ranges from $19.99 to $39.99 depending on the type of membership and the location of the gym. It’s competitively priced compared to other gyms, plus you can also get 1 on 1 personal training (for an added fee).

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