LA Fitness Membership Cost: A Full Breakdown

6 minute read | Published: April 20, 2024 | Updated: May 24, 2024

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LA Fitness has over 700 gyms in America.  Here in Los Angeles I know of at least five LA Fitness locations. I’ve been to one a few years back and I’ll share with you my experience.

Is an LA Fitness Worth It?

The price of a gym membership at LA Fitness is standard in the US so I wasn’t really expecting much when I visited one of their fitness centers.

I picked the LA Fitness on 3400 Cahuenga Blvd W because it has ample parking space and opens early, 5AM. Went there around 5:30AM and was surprised to see plenty of equipment available. This particular location also has a juice bar, basketball court, and group classes like Zumba and Kickboxing.

The whole place was well-maintained and clean, and the personal trainers when I was there were all nice and helpful.

To answer the question of whether a membership at LA Fitness gym is worth it, I’d say it depends. For most people, myself included, it is worth the price. But again, it depends on the home gym. Some of their gyms are great, others not so. Also the cleanliness, amenities and quality of the staff vary by location.

How Much Does an LA Fitness Membership Cost?

Membership costs at LA Fitness are standard and their pricing isn’t really difficult to understand.

First off, you don’t need to make a long term commitment at LA Fitness. You only choose from two monthly rate options – one has a lower monthly rate but comes with an initiation fee. The other one has a higher monthly rate but does not have an initiation fee.

LA Fitness Membership (With Initiation Fee)

$39.99 per month

$75 Initiation Fee

All clubs access

LA Fitness Membership (Without Initiation Fee)

$49.00 per month

$0 Initiation Fee

All clubs access

Additional Fees

For an enhanced membership experience, you have the option to include added amenities. Towel rentals are priced at $5. Each member is individually billed for any supplementary amenities they opt for.

Also members get access to childcare services through the “Kids Klub” facility. Plus they can conveniently register for basketball, racquetball, and volleyball leagues and tournaments via the online portal.

Additional Membership Options

LA Fitness offers corporate wellness programs. If your employer joins the corporate programs, you can get a discount on your membership.

LA Fitness weights

What’s Included with Your LA Fitness Membership?

Members will be able to use all the gym equipment and machines, as well as amenities like pool, spa and functional training. You’ll also be able to join group fitness classes like Yoga, Zumba and Cycling.

Does LA Fitness Charge an Annual Fee?

Yes the annual fee at LA Fitness is $59 which will be billed after 14 days.

LA Fitness Pros and Cons

Every gym has its perks and drawbacks. Let me list the pros and cons for LA Fitness based on my brief experience working out in one of their fitness centers.


  • Affordable membership fees. LA Fitness offers reasonable rates, making it an excellent choice for budget-conscious individuals seeking access to diverse strength equipment, machines, and group classes, all for $40 per month.
  • Unlike many other chain gyms, most LA Fitness locations permit the use of chalk, which is a boon for serious lifters who rely on it for grip.
  • Some LA Fitness have hot tubs which is a perfect way to unwind post-workout.


  • LA Fitness locations tend to have a more traditional aesthetic, lacking the modern flair found in some other gyms.
  • Cleanliness standards vary greatly between different LA Fitness locations. While some are well-maintained, others may suffer from neglect, with weights scattered around and equipment left unwiped.

Does LA Fitness Have a Swimming Pool?

Yes LA Fitness has an indoor lap pool.

LA Fitness pools

Does LA Fitness Have a Sauna?

Some LA Fitness centers have saunas but many don’t since it’s not a standard amenity.

Does LA Fitness Have Locker Rooms?

LA Fitness has locker rooms and showers. They don’t provide toiletries or towels though. Some locations however may have rental towels available.

Does LA Fitness Have Child Care?

Yes LA Fitness has the Kids Klub, a fun space for kids from age 3 months to 11 years old. But you need to pay a fee to use it and it’s only open at specific times of the day. If you have a child under 3, I wouldn’t recommend leaving them here though.

What are the Gym Hours at LA Fitness?

The club hours at LA Fitness vary depending on the location. Most are open from 5AM to 11PM on weekdays and with shorter hours on weekends.

Customer Reviews for LA Fitness

Jamel T.

Los Angeles, CA

Great gym has everything you need. Good culture. Can be a little crowded after work but that’s to be expected. It’s been a little hotter than usual due to some AC issues. I guess that would be my only negative.

Staff is always friendly from the people checking you in to the cleaning crew.

Darius M.

Los Angeles, CA

I’m fairly new to the gym and had my first training session with Kellen (personal Training Director) and it truly was inspiring. I learned way more about my body and fitness then I’ve done researching myself! Kellen was very hands on, super interactive, communicative and made sure he paid attention to my limits while still allowing me to push myself. If you are looking to start a fitness journey , or are in need of someone to reallly motivate you he’s the man for the job!

J H.

Northwest Washington, Washington, DC

Had a really positive experience at this facility. I had visited a different LA Fitness in the area while visiting from out of town and they told me they could not give me guest trial because a manager was not present. They charged me a full day pass. The next day I went to the Druid Hills location and the manager explained to me that they should not have charged me a full day admission at the other location, so to make up for it I could come complimentary for my 3 day visit. GREAT customer service.

It was also clean, not crowded, and had great equipment. I will visit this location every time I am in Atlanta.

LA Fitness treadmill

LA Fitness Membership Cost in a Nutshell

You have two options for a membership at LA Fitness gym – $40 per month with a $75 initiation fee, or $50 per month and zero initiation fee. Both options give you access to its amenities and equipment, plus you can also access any and all of their gyms across the country.

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