Club Fitness Membership Cost: A Full Breakdown

7 minute read | Published: April 24, 2024 | Updated: May 24, 2024

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Club Fitness is a gym chain that offers members access to 19 health clubs that are open 24/7. They have 400 weekly classes and boutique studios suitable for all fitness levels. Their clubs feature industry-leading cardio, strength, and circuit equipment, along with top-rated personal training and premium amenities like Kids Club by Brain Balance, Hydro Massage, and more.

Club Fitness is dedicated to providing members with the tools and resources they need to achieve their health and crunch fitness goals, with a commitment to innovation and excellence evident in every aspect of their clubs.

Membership Options at Club Fitness


Platinum membership cost is a no-contract, no-enrollment membership with a range of premium amenities. Members receive 3 personal training sessions at 50% off, access to the Stretch & Recovery Studio, a personal training studio, body composition analysis, and a Foundations Assessment.

With Platinum Access, enjoy 24-hour access to all locations, group exercise classes, Hydro Massage Lounge, a women’s training studio, the Pulse Studio (HIIT Workout), Circle Studio, Burn Zone Studio, and Kid’s Club. Additional benefits include Red Light Therapy, unlimited entry-level tanning, 50% off upgraded tanning, monthly InBody assessments, and 12 free guest passes a year.


This is a no-enrollment fee membership with a variety of premium benefits. Members enjoy 3 personal training sessions at 50% off, access to the Stretch & Recovery Studio, a personal training studio, body composition analysis, and a Foundations Assessment. Premium Access includes 24-hour access, entry to all locations, and group exercise classes.

Single Club (VIP)

For Single Club members, Club Fitness provides personal training guidance with three personal training sessions at 50% off, access to the Stretch & Recovery Studio, a personal training studio, body composition analysis, and a Foundations Assessment. With Single Club Access, members also enjoy 24-hour access to your selected location and group exercise classes.

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What are Club Fitness Membership Costs?


  • Platinum $39.99 per month
  • Premium $33.99 per month
  • Single Club $25.99 per month

One Time Payment

  • Platinum $479 + tax per year
  • Premium $407 +tax per year

Club Fitness offers VIP and standard memberships at the same cost but with different inclusions and access. VIP Memberships also allow you to add three personal training sessions for $99, a significant discount from the usual $200.

You may also try a full day of Chuze fitness with their complimentary Day Pass at Club Fitness. Enjoy access to their facilities, including cardio and strength equipment, group exercise classes, personal training studios, and more. Fill out the form to reserve your pass, and redeem it at your convenience.

Please note that passes can be redeemed Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm, and Friday through Sunday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. Limit one day pass per customer every 12 months.

You may fill out the form here.

Can I cancel my membership with Club Fitness?

Club Fitness can freeze your account for up to 12 months hassle-free. If you’re considering canceling your membership, just swing by the club and use the self-serve kiosk, or if you can’t make it in, drop them a letter with your info, and they’ll handle the rest.

Are there fitness classes available at Club Fitness?

Yes, Club Fitness has over 400 classes offered each week such as:

  • CARDIO: Get your heart pumping and burn calories with this energetic workout.
  • CIRCL MOBILITY: Improve flexibility and mobility through functional movement exercises.
  • CORE: Target and tone your core muscles for a stronger, more defined waistline.
  • CORE CARDIO: Combine cardio and core exercises for a full-body workout.
  • CYCLE: Challenge your endurance and strength with indoor cycling.
  • DANCE: Enjoy a fun workout while dancing to various styles of music.
  • HIIT: Experience high-intensity interval training to boost calorie burn and fitness levels.
  • INTERVALS: Keep your body guessing with a variety of high-intensity exercises.
  • KICKBOXING: Burn calories and build confidence with martial arts-inspired moves.
  • BODYCOMBAT: Punch, kick, and strike your way to fitness with this non-contact martial arts workout.
  • BODYPUMP: Tone and strengthen your muscles with the original barbell class.
  • RPM: Cycle to the rhythm of motivating music for a calorie-burning journey.
  • SPRINT: Smash your fitness goals with this high-intensity cycling class.
  • MIXXEDFIT: Dance your way to fitness with this dynamic and fun workout.
  • PILATES: Strengthen and tone your body with this low-impact exercise method.
  • Piloga: Combine yoga and Pilates for improved concentration, core strength, and balance.
  • PiYo: Challenge your core, physique, and flexibility with this bodyweight workout.
  • SILVER SNEAKERS: Improve muscle strength and range of movement with this seated and standing exercise class.
  • SPINNING: Train your cardiovascular and muscular endurance with indoor cycling.
  • STEP: Boost your calorie burn and improve balance and coordination with step aerobics.
  • STEP STRENGTH: Combine cardio and strength training for a full-body workout.
  • STRENGTH: Increase muscular strength and endurance with a total body workout.
  • STRONG NATION: Experience a total body workout with high-intensity interval training.
  • SYNERGY: Join this versatile class suitable for all fitness levels.
  • TABATA: Push your physical limits with high-intensity interval exercises.
  • TONING: Sculpt and tone your body with a mix of cardio, resistance, and core exercises.
  • TURBO KICK: Experience a high-energy workout with sports-specific moves and training combinations.
  • VINYASA: Flow through yoga poses while focusing on breath and movement.
  • YOGA: Develop strength, endurance, and focus with this mind-body workout.
  • ZUMBA: Dance your way to fitness with Latin-inspired music and moves.
  • ZUMBA TONING: Tone your muscles with a dance workout combined with light weights.

I have tried the Vinyasa and I absolutely loved it. The instructor was so calm, you’ll be transported just by her energy.

Availability may vary in each location so check the classes you want here.

What are Club Fitness Gym Hours?

Access any of their 19 Club Fitness locations around the clock with 24/7 open-door policy. With multiple club access, you’ll find convenience with facilities conveniently located near your home or workplace.

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What are the Club Fitness Amenities?

  • Premium Equipment
  • Cardio Equipment
  • Circuit Equipment
  • Free weights
  • Turf Area
  • Boutique Studios
  • Burn Zone
  • Pulse Studio
  • Cycle Studio
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Women’s Training Studio
  • Stretch and Recovery Studio
  • Personal Training Studio
  • Wellness & Recovery
  • Dry Saunas
  • Hydro Lounge
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Smoothies
  • Stretch and Recovery Studio
  • Tanning
  • Personal Training
  • Kids Club

Club Fitness Customer Reviews

Terah G.

Barnhart, MO

The best gym to go too! It’s so fun to go to and the staff are super helpful and professional. The membership is affordable and if you do a year contract with them then decide to pull out there’s no hidden fees or anything like that if you change your mind on your membership. Everybody there is so nice! The staff are actually happy and enjoy being there. They let you try it out I believe before you commit. Try it out!! You will love it!!!

Payton W.


This is a really good gym to go to i would really recommend doing it. Amazing. We love it come here everyday. This is the best gym you could decide to go to. Verify positive environment. Really good equipment.

Jaci S.Elite 24

Bondurant, IA

oh my word, FABULOUS! we were looking for a place to get a lift in while visiting the St.Louis area & now are practically debating moving due to it – we are from the Des Moines area and have nothing close to the excellence of this gym!

from the outside it doesn’t look like much, but the inside was glorious! we are both gym rats, so the accessibility of the weights being light upstairs & having the 17.5/22.5 pounds was so nice! they have plenty of cable machines that you’re not waiting in line – plenty of machines to work on specific muscles & zone in on growth.

Staff was extremely friendly & fast at getting us in, professional & kind.

Downstairs was another beast – we were blown away with the mass amount of benches, free weights & more than fair share in types of plates. easily will be trying to be back everyday, maybe twice daily while visiting this town.

Is the Club Fitness Membership Cost Worth It?

Yes, I would say it’s worth it. A gym that costs only $40 per month and is open 24 /7 – what more can you ask for?

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