Chuze Fitness Membership Cost: A Full Breakdown

6 minute read | Published: April 20, 2024 | Updated: May 24, 2024

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I recently read a Chuze Fitness ad telling me I can get a gym membership with them for just $9.99 per month. I was curious so I availed of the 7-day free trial at their Cudahy location. Let me share with you everything I’ve learned about Chuze Fitness, including membership cost, benefits, business hours and more.

Membership Options at Chuze Fitness

Chuze Fitness is a gym chain founded in San Diego, California, in 2008. Their aim is to create inviting, clean, and affordable gym environments for their members. Here are the membership options available:


The Basic membership at Chuze Fitness provides access to essential amenities such as cardio and strength equipment, along with features like the Chuze Cinema, Express Circuit, Turf Training Area, and access to the Pool & Hot Tub facilities. This plan gives you access to only the home gym and group classes are not free.


Upgrading to the Premium tier expands these offerings to include additional perks like group exercise classes, tanning, HydroMassage™, Traditional Sauna, and Steam Room access.


The More membership builds upon the Premium package by introducing extras such as Body Composition Scan, Unlimited Guest Privileges, and Virtual Team Training Workouts.

Chuze Max

For those seeking a comprehensive experience, the Chuze Max membership includes all the amenities of the More tier with the added benefit of access to the Kids Club without any restrictions on the number of children per member.


Chuze gym memberships grant access to the physical locations for in-person workouts. iChuze, on the other hand, is a separate subscription-based service offering virtual mind, body, and heart workout programs for at-home use or while at the gym.

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What are Chuze Fitness Membership Costs?


The Basic Plan at Chuze Fitness is priced at $15.99 per month, with an offer set to expire on 5/15/24. Individuals interested in joining can opt for a plan with no commitment, allowing for flexibility in membership.

Alternatively, there’s a 12-Month Commitment plan available at a discounted rate of $9.99 per month. Prospective members are encouraged to select the plan that best aligns with their blink fitness goals and preferences.


The Premium Plan at Chuze Fitness is available for $26.99 per month, with a limited-time offer of $1 enrollment fee and a free summer. This offer expires on 5/15/24. With a 12-month commitment, members can enjoy exclusive benefits, including no dues for July and August. Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your club fitness journey today.


The MORE plan at $39.99 per month ($32.99 until 5/15/24) includes a $1.00 enrollment fee and a $49.99 annual fee, with a 12-month commitment. Additionally, members signing up before 5/15/24 receive the benefit of $1 enrollment and a free summer.

Chuze Max

The CHUZE MAX plan is available at $49.99 per month and encompasses a $1.00 enrollment fee along with a $49.99 annual fee. This plan requires a 12-month commitment. This offer expires on 5/15/24, and enjoy the perks of $1 enrollment and a complimentary summer for those who join within the promotional period.


iChuze is now a Chuze staple, included for all MORE members at no extra charge. However, individuals with Basic or Premium memberships, or those who aren’t Chuze gym members, can still join iChuze for only $5.99/month.

Can I Cancel My Membership with Chuze Fitness?

You may cancel by going to any Chuze location and signing the cancellation form. If you will be unable to cancel in person, the easiest option is to cancel online via the billing portal, Or you can access the portal directly via the Chuze Fitness app after clicking “my account”. If you are cancelling within the 12 month commitment, you may be subject to a $50 cancellation fee.

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Can I Transfer My Membership to Another Person?

Chuze fitness Memberships are non-transferrable, and cannot be transferred from one person to another.

Can I Put My Membership on Hold?

Chuze Fitness allows for membership freezes or holds only under specific circumstances. These include medical reasons, such as temporary incapacitation preventing facility use for a specified period, and military purposes, like temporary active-duty transfers or deployments exceeding 25 miles from a Chuze Fitness location.

What Payment Methods are Available?

Chuze Fitness accepts payments through credit/debit cards.

Are there fitness classes available at Chuze Fitness?

Chuze Fitness offers a diverse range of classes to suit various fitness preferences and goals. From high-energy options like Les Mills Body Combat and Cardio Kickboxing to strength-focused classes like Les Mills Body Pump and Boot Camp, there’s something for everyone.

For those seeking low-impact options, Aqua Fit and Silver Sneakers Classic provide gentle yet effective workouts. Chuze Gold, Tone & Sculpt, and Killer Core & Glutes.

Other offerings include Piyo®, Mat Pilates, Chuze Barre, Yoga, Zumba.

Classes are free for Premium, More and Chuze Max members.

What are Chuze Fitness Operating Hours?

Chuze Fitness hours vary by location. In their Cudahy, CA location, here are the gym hours:

  • MON: 4AM – 12AM
  • TUE: 4AM – 12AM
  • WED: 4AM – 12AM
  • THU: 4AM – 12AM
  • FRI: 4AM – 10PM
  • SAT: 6AM – 8PM
  • SUN: 6AM – 8PM

What are the Chuze Fitness Amenities?

  • Cardio Equipment
  • Strength Equipment
  • Chuze Cinema
  • Express Circuit
  • Turf Training Area
  • Group Exercise Classes
  • Tanning
  • HydroMassage™
  • Pool & Hot Tub
  • Traditional Sauna
  • Steam Room
  • Kids Club (No limit to number of children per Chuze Max member!)
  • Cycling
  • Lift Lab
  • Body Composition Scan
  • Unlimited Guest Privileges
  • Virtual Team Training Workouts
  • Chuze Mobile App

Chuze Fitness Customer Reviews

Calina N.Elite 24

San Diego, CA

I have nothing bad to say about this gym! They have everything you need and more. There is plenty of squat racks, free weights, machines, and cardio options here. The building looks old from the outside but don’t let that fool you. Everything is fairly updated in this gym and very clean. The crowd is respectful and they have multiple amenities such as a smoothie bar.

Parking is a bit strange, your best bet is parking in the upper lot in the back and walking through the 2nd floor to the gym. A lot of the parking directly in front of the building is mainly for retail and says 30 minutes only.

Alex N.Elite 24

Fullerton, CA

What I appreciate most about this location is the staff and the up keep of maintenance. I think that out of all of the Chuze facilities that I go to. This one has always been the best most consistently maintained.

And this location is just as busy as the others and I would even say that it’s not as up to date. But the staff is always on top of keeping the place clean, wipes stocked, and downtime of equipment down to a minimum.

Truly admirable of staff and management. Thanks team

Nancy T.Elite 24

Lakewood, CA

I’ve been a member to other gyms like 24hr, planet fitness, and fitness 19 and chuze by far is the best gym I’ve been to. I pretty much love everything about chuze, and this chuze in particular. All the staff is so nice and welcoming when you come in. everyone wipes up for the most part, there are no creepy people bothering me, there’s a pool, the cardio cinema room is awesome, there’s a studio that’s always open… I can seriously go on. Im so happy to see the employees take pride in where they work because the staff is always cleaning and decorating and involving the community with the bulletin board. I was coming here for a few years, left because I moved, and then came back to this gym when I moved back to the area. I’m just going to keep coming here!

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Chuze Fitness in a Nutshell

While the Chuze Fitness gym I went to (Cudahy) did not offer the $9.99/month promo, their basic membership rate is still affordable at $15.99. With all the equipment and amenities in the gym, plus the exceptional customer service I received during every visit, I would definitely recommend Chuze Fitness to anyone who wants to workout in a nice gym with a complete lineup of strength and cardio equipment, along with plenty of group classes to choose from.

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